Toyota Check Engine Light & Diagnostics

The check engine light or service your engine light on your dashboard can mean several different things, many of which are minor, but some of which can be serious.  It does not mean that you should over-react and immediately pull over, but it is definitely something you should not ignore.  Indicator lights in your Toyota might show "check engine", "service engine soon", or "check powertrain".

The check engine light is part of Toyota's on-board diagnostics system, and it will illuminate when the computer in your Toyota finds a problem in the electronic control system  that it cannot correct.  When the check engine light comes on, a trouble code is stored in your Toyota's on-board computer that one of our Toyota service reps can read with an electronic scan tool or diagnostic computer that we keep as a Certified Toyota Service and Auto Repair center.

There are multiple items that can set off the check engine light, including a loose fuel cap, low oil pressure, an engine misfire, and more. Owners should consult the Toyota Owner's Manual for potential issues with their specific vehicle.

What should you do if you get a check engine light in your Toyota?  Try tightening your gas cap, this often solves the problem. Toyota directs that you have your vehicle checked by a trained Toyota mechanic to identify and fix any problems.  Ignoring the problem can potentially lead to major damage that can cost you a lot of money.  Call us or schedule an appointment online and we will assist you promptly.  We can also reset your Toyota check engine light at that time.


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