My name is Tim Scully, and I was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM.  I started working in the automotive industry in 1998, and have been Service Director with American Toyota since February of 2008. If you can't find me at work, I am probably camping or hanging out with my kids!

My goal is to provide you with the best possible service, every single visit. Come visit our award-winning dealership for exceptional treatment - of both you and your vehicle. Your experience with us matters to me. Please let me know if we can better serve you as our customer, or if you have any questions or concerns that you feel have not been answered here or in our dealership.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you, and my hope is that we can continue to meet your needs for many years to come!

Tim Scully
Service Director
Larry H. Miller American Toyota

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your car-so why take chances on re-built or inferior brake products? Only Genuine Toyota brake components are designed specifically for your car, and built to the same high standards as your original parts. From brake pads to calipers, rotors, drums and shoes, Genuine Toyota brake components help provide maximum safety and durability.

If your vehicle is hard to start and/or has dim headlights when the engine is turned off, your battery is getting weak and should be replaced with a new TrueStart or True2 battery. Manufactured to Toyota's exacting standards for quality and performance, these batteries offer the right combination of cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC) for reliable performance regardless of climate.

Believe it or not, a higher CCA rating isn't necessarily a good thing, because it negatively affects RC, or the ability of your battery to hold a charge. TrueStart and True2 batteries have been approved by Toyota engineers for years of trouble-free service-and no one knows your Toyota better than they do.

Oil Change in Albuquerque
Here at Larry H. Miller American Toyota in Albuquerque, we know how important it is to keep your Toyota in proper working condition; it's protection for yourself, your loved ones and your investment. Our certified technicians use only the best when we perform any type of maintenance, and for oil changes, we use Genuine Toyota Motor Oil and Genuine Toyota Oil Filters. Both are specially formulated to keep your Toyota running at its best and you at the top of your game.

The right tires not only contribute to good ride and handling, but safety as well. If your tires are showing signs of wear, make sure you get your ride some new treads at Larry H. Miller American Toyota in Albuquerque. You can get exact replacements for the original tires at a competitive price, mounted and balanced by factory trained and certified Toyota technicians in one easy step.

Check Engine Light
The Check Engine light (also known as a Malfunction Indicator Light, MIL) usually means there's a problem with the vehicle's emissions system. If the onboard computer gets a reading that's a bit out of whack, the check engine light comes on.

Anything from a loose gas cap to a faulty oxygen sensor can also trigger the check engine light. It might also mean a malfunction in the electronic engine control system, electronic throttle control, electronic transmission control system or something else.


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